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Emerged from an 1889 historic building

Yurbban Ramblas emerged from an historic building on the Ramblas, Barcelona. An original structure of the past with all the comforts and design of today. 

The legend of Canaletas: "Whoever drinks its water, will return to Barcelona"

Located in front of Canaletas fountain, the hotel's identity is based on its legend. Whoever drinks its water will fall in love with this charming city and will return to live it again. Because on this promenade that never sleeps, and has been connecting the center of the city with the sea for centuries, you can still breathe all the stories that have filled it.

Incomparable views of Las Ramblas

From the heights you can admire the activity of this tree-lined promenade that has been connecting the center of the city with the sea for centuries. Discover this cozy and intimate terrace where disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Hotel
with 'local soul'

Yurbban Ramblas Boutique Hotel is part of Barcelona and shares a connection with its people. This is why its architecture, interior design, graphic design and other details are all the creations of Barcelona-based professionals and studios. We believe that this is the best way to embrace the spirit of our city: cosmopolitan, open and innovative, yet respectful of tradition.

Another good example of the local ‘soul’ of Yurbban Ramblas is the collection of photographs that lines our walls, which is the product of our collaboration with the Photographic Social Vision Foundation and is entirely comprised of works by local artists. This collection offers a wide range of points of view that fully reflect the essence of our city. And, if desired, you can acquire and take home any of the exhibited photographs of our guest artists: Maite Carames, Alicia Omedes, Renata D'Angelo and Bonaventura Durall.